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    network 150 Derailed QQ

      network 150

    making some provision for the companion of her childhood

    Copperfield from head to foot! Calls a house a rookery when

    by her referring to it

    upon my little bed; and holding my hand, and sometimes putting it

    David Copperfield

    distance, seeing her sitting on the pathway, which was a bank by

    occupied my mind so long, but I awoke with the impression that

    ‘Oh, Davy!’ she said ‘That you could hurt anyone I love! Try to

    ‘Oh, my liver!’ cried the old man, throwing the jacket on a shelf

    more than Mr Peggotty himself, whom she could have coaxed into

    all she had was mine, and that I would have gone to her for


    Lian long cilia thinking, but suddenly heard a messy footsteps outside.

    House, went upstairs together Steerforth’s room was next to

    ‘Oh how glad I am you have not!’ exclaimed Uriah ‘To think

    hereabouts That sets me off again! I haven’t seen a pretty woman

    approved of it I posted it, and had nothing to do then, but wait, as

    I cannot say—I really cannot say—that I was glad to see Mr

    went on her errand My aunt, with her hands behind her, walked

    hearth, lost in unhappy reflections, and looking at the fire too, and

    for him, and gave it into his hand He said he would never, never

    we like, and to find out our own friends, instead of having them

    It was a wonderfully fine thing to have that lofty castle to

    ‘Dear me!’ he said, ‘it’s past one The moments slip away so, in

    very much, by utterly setting at naught the dignity of fly-

    I thought I had killed her, this time I sprinkled water on her

    path in life, my Dora,’ said I, warming with the subject, ‘is stony

    Road as the postmen on that beat, but I pervaded London

    who have stood by him—Janet! Donkeys!’


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